How to choose the right tiler for your job.

Peter Lee Kong – Director

  • As the old saying says “you get what you pay for”. This is true in most instances, so it pays to do a little bit of research in advance and ask a few questions. When it comes to tiling your space, I always recommend that you pre-qualify your tiler beforehand, this can be as simple as checking their social media pages or their website for recently finished projects, even Google customer reviews can be helpful.
  • In saying that, not all tilers have a web presence, or social media accounts for you to scroll through, but what they will have is references from past jobs. As old fashioned as it sounds, a good tiler will have no problem supplying them if need be.
  • Tile trends are constantly changing and so is the way they get laid. You may have noticed a heavy move toward the more traditional Art Deco stylings; Chevron, Herringbone to name a couple. Whilst these looks are stunning, not every tiler is capable of laying these complex patterns. There will be more cuts and labour involved to get theses finishes, which will mean additional dollars and more tiles.
  • Patience is a virtue, more so when booking a tiler. With a surge in the Perth building industry, locking in good tradies is a waiting game, but worth the wait if it’s quality you are after. Imagine locating the perfect tiles for your project, and outlaying good money on the product, only to take the cheapest quote or the first available tiler to complete your job. It’s a risk most people take and unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out.
  • At Ceramic City, we have been a constant in the Perth Tile trade coming on 33 years now and are happy to give references and contacts details of preferred tilers in your area. Having formed long term relationships with these businesses, we are proud of their workmanship and more so the care they take with our products.  Contact our friendly team should you require contact details of our recommended tilers.