Insights from the design table.

Paige Lee-Kong – Interior Designer

Functionality – Is something to always take into account when designing your space.  Will it need to be multi-functional and accommodating more than one purpose; study nook in the lounge-room, kitchen come family room or is it a new build?

Budget – This can be a difficult one, so be honest from the onset. Is it the accessories you want to spend extra money on, or is it the aesthetic of the room?  My experience has shown when you invest in the aesthetic with quality paints, tiling and carpet – you then have set your canvas.  Trends change with accessories and you don’t want to get locked into one look when your tastes may change in the next few years.

Priorities for the space – What are you needing to achieve from the design.  Is it more room or more storage perhaps? Are you opening up your family and entertainment area and wanting a better flow?  Is it your bathroom perhaps, full height wall tiles, non-slip tiles?  Once you know what your expectations are for the area, you will be better versed in making the right decisions for your project.

Style honestly – This new space is for you, and should reflect that!  The internet is great for style inspiration with some awesome applications to save this imagery; Pinterest, Instagram even Facebook, you will always have a reference on hand whilst out and about.  Also; think deep about the things you love in your home and how to introduce these to your new space.

Ask for help – Yes! You will be surprised at the amount of knowledge that is available in the Industry, and it’s free.  If you feel at a crossroads, and need a sounding board, why not book a complimentary Design Consult with us today and be sure to follow us on Instagram for inspo.